Bajoran Starship (16)
Class Bajoran Scout Ship
Faction Bajoran/ Federation
Included in OP - The Dominion War
Forward Arc: 90°
Firepower Weapon Value 2
Agility Agility Value 2
Hull Hull Value 3
Shields Shield Value 1

Battle StationsTarget LockEvasive ManeuversScan
Upgrade Slots
Crew 1 Crew

Ship (Bajoran / Dominion War Organized Play Month 6 Prize)

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The Ratosha can manipulate attack and defense rolls by performing a Battle Station action as a free action. However, players can feel safe converting their attack dice since Krim can reroll defensive dice while he is Captain. Jaro Essa can add to the defensive capabilities of a ship as Captain or Admiral of the fleet as well. For added punch on offense, Day Kannu can select one attack die and choose its result while captaining a ship.