*Borg Sphere 4270 (40)
Class Borg Sphere
Faction Borg
Included in Borg Sphere 4270 Expansion
Forward Arc: 360°
Firepower Weapon Value 6
Agility Agility Value 0
Hull Hull Value 7
Shields Shield Value 7
Special Rules
Each time you attack with your Primary Weapon, you may divide your attack between 2 different ships; you may divide your attack dice however you like, but you must roll at least 1 attack die against each ship.

Target LockScanRegeneration
Upgrade Slots
Tech Upgrade 1 Tech
Weapon 1 Weapons
Crew 1 Crew
16px 2 Borg Upgrades

Ship (Borg / Borg Sphere 4270 Expansion)

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