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Cloaked Mines (Romulan/I.R.W. Praetus Expansion)


  • During the Planning Phase, you may discard this card to place a Minefield Token within Range 2 of your Ship (in any direction) but not within Range 2 of an enemy ship. If an enemy ship passes within Range 1 of the token, roll 3 attack dice (-1 if the target ship immediately performs a [Sensor] Action). Any [Hit] or [Critical] damages the target ship as normal. The affected ship does not roll any defense dice.
  • Cost: 3


  • Game On - Star Trek Attack Wing "Praetus" Ship-138497601909:09

    Game On - Star Trek Attack Wing "Praetus" Ship-1384976019

    Only affects enemy ships.
  • Can cloaked mines be placed on an obstacle? It seems yes.
  • Must I place my Cloaked Mines at the start of the Planning Phase, or can I wait until after everyone has set their Maneuver Dials?  You place your Cloaked Mines at the start of the Planning Phase. This does not mean that other players can negate your ability to use the Cloaked Mines by quickly placing their Maneuver Dials. It simply means that after you place your Cloaked Mines, your opponents are free to alter their Maneuver Dials.
  • If the trigger areas for two Cloaked Mines overlap, does an enemy ship passing through the overlapping trigger area sustain damage from both Cloaked Mines? No. In this case the ship would only be damaged by one of the Cloaked Mines. However, if a ship passes through (and completely out of) the trigger area of one Cloaked Mine and into the trigger area of another Cloaked Mine, then the ship sustains damage from both Cloaked Mines.
  • If a ship starts its move within Range 1 of an enemy's Cloaked Mine, does it take damage when it moves this turn?  This works the same as the normal rules for a Minefield Token, just with a wider range. If the ship moves beyond the Cloaked Mine's Range, then it does not receive damage again this turn. But if it stays within the Cloaked Mine's Range, then it is does receive damage again this turn.

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