*Deep Space 9
Class Nor Class Orbital Station
Faction Federation/ Bajoran
Included in OP - The Dominion War
Forward Arc: 3x90°
Firepower Weapon Value 5
Agility Agility Value 0
Hull Hull Value 8
Shields Shield Value 8
Special Rules
When firing any torpedoes, do not disable the torpedoes.

Battle StationsTarget LockScan
Upgrade Slots
Weapon 3 Weapons
Crew 3 Crew


WizKids Games kicked off a six-month storyline Organized Play program centered around The Dominion War. In The Dominion War, the Alpha Quadrant is in a time of struggle and chaos. The Jem'Hadar and the Breen Confederacy have established a presence for themselves in the Alpha Quadrant, and with the help of their recent allies, the Cardassian Union, they plan to conquer everything in their path. This engagement proves to be the most devastating ever fought in the Alpha Quadrant.

In the storyline Organized Play program, stores carrying Star Trek: Attack Wing will host tournaments for players to challenge each other for dominance of the Alpha Quadrant. Players will collect a participation prize each month as well as compete for a new playable ship that will only be offered via the Organized Play events. The player with the best record over the six-month event will be bestowed the title of Fleet Admiral and awarded a special grand prize at the end of the program.

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