The Reman Warbird, Scimitar, is threatening to destroy all life on Earth.  You must work together to stop it!

Destroy the Scimitar
Destroy the scimitar
# Players 3 (Cooperative)
Special Components
1 Scimitar Token
4 Hidden Movement Tokens (HMTS); 1 "Actual" and 3 "Echo".
Other Information
Source I.R.W. Valdore Blister
Based On Battle in the Bassen Rift


Destroy the Scimitar for a joint victory.

Set UpEdit

Federation Player Edit

50 Squadron points, including at least one Federation Ship.

Romulan Player Edit

50 Squadron points, including at least on Valdor Class ship.

Allied Player Edit

50 Squadron points.

Play Area Edit

The ships are set up as in a standard 3 Player Game; each player's starting area is an 8"x4" rectangle placed in one of the three areas shown in the 3-Player Diagram on page 7 of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set Rules of Play.

In addition, the Scimitar Token is placed in the exact center of the playing area. Place a Cloak Token beside it. The Scimitar Token follows the normal rules for ships regarding overlaps.

Special RulesEdit

The Scimitar Token counts as an enemy ship with the following stats.

Captain Skill: 10  Primary Weapon 6  Agility 2  Hull 8  Shields 8

  1. The Scimitar does not make a normal move. During Planning Phase, shuffle the Hidden Movement Tokens (HMTs) face down and place each token face down beside a different side of the Scimitar Token.  On its turn, reveal the the HMTs.  The Scimitar moves 3 STRAIGHT in the direction that the "Actual" was revealed in.  The Scimitar never leaves the playing area.  If a move would cause it to do so, remove 1 "Echo", and reshuffle the HMTs, disregarding the invalid direction.  The Scimitar must obey all normal movement rules for starships, including losing its Action if it overlaps another ship or obstacle.
  2. On its Action, place a BATTLESTATIONS token next to the Simitar. This token must be used when the Scimitar attacks.
  3. If a move causes the Scimitar to overlap another ship, it must move backward along its chosen Maneuver Template until it no longer overlaps the ship. If this happens, do not place the Battle Stations Token beside the Scimitar.
  4. The Scimitar has an advanced cloaking device that allows it to fire Weapons and maintain its Shields while Cloaked.
  5. While Cloaked, it rolls 1 less defense die against the second ship to attack on a given round, and 2 less defense dice for the third and any other ships to attack that round.
  6. Once the Scimitars Shields are destroyed, remove its CLOAK Token immediately.  From then on it only moves 2 STRAIGHT instead of 3 STRAIGHT.
  7. The Scimitar has a 360 degree firing arc, and always attacks the nearest ship.  If there is a tie, the captain with the highest skill (or highest initiative if tied skill) determines the Scimitar's target.  When the Scimitar scores a Critical hit against a ship's Hull, that ship loses a random Upgrade, in addition to normal Critical Effects.  If it has no Upgrades, discard its Captain.  That ship is considered to have a Captain Skill of 1 for the remainder of the game.

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