Admiral Janeway has traveled back in time to help her former crew return home. Her modern-day counterpart, however, wants to take the Borg down on the way..
# Players 1 (solitaire)
Special Components
3 Borg Cube Tokens
1 Borg Sphere Token
2 Transwarp Aperture Tokens
10 Mission Tokens (boxed set)
Other Information
Based On Voyager: "Endgame"


Get home, kill Borg. You must leave the playing area within 10 turns. Score Victory Points (VP) for each of the following:

  • For each Borg Vessel destroyed: 2 VP
  • For escaping through the second Transwarp Aperture: 3 VP
  • For escaping the board (through either the S or N edge) after destroying either Aperture: 6 VP

Max total VP possible: 15 (2 Cubes, 1 Sphere, 1st Aperture, escaping to Alpha Quadrant)

Player Setup

Federation Player: 75 points, including the U.S.S. Voyager, and no other Ships.


  • 3 Borg Cube Tokens (3" squares, or 76mm per side)
  • 1 Borg Sphere Token (2" diameter circle, or 51mm. This is the same size as a Starter Box "Objective" token)
  • 2 Transwarp Aperture Tokens (2" edge-to-edge, 2.5" corner-to-corner: ~51mm edge-to-edge, ~64mm corner-to-corner)
  • 10 Mission Tokens from the Starter Set.

Map Setup

  • Use a 3'x 4' playing area (36"x48", or ~92cm x 124cm), as opposed to the standard 3'x 3' map.
  • The Federation player may place the Voyager anywhere within 4" (~10 cm)of the South edge.
  • Place the 3 Borg Cube Tokens (hereinafter BCT), evenly spaced, 20" away from the S edge. 20" is equivalent to Range 5.
  • Place the first Transwarp Token 8" (Range 2) directly behind the centermost Borg Cube. The second is behind it, in a straight line, touching the N edge of the play area.
  • Place the Sphere token (BST) midway between the Transwarp Tokens.
  • Stack the Mission Tokens beside the Play Area, they will be used to mark the passage of time.

Special Rules

Weapons From the Future:

  • During this mission, the Transphasic Torpedoes (Cost 10) Weapon Upgrade can be fired 5 times before being discarded. Instead, place a Disabled token on the card each time you fire (these tokens do not prevent you from using the Upgrade, and you cannot remove them). When you accumulate 5 tokens, discard the Upgrade.
  • For this mission, the Transphasic Torpedoes Upgrade ignores the shields of Borg Cubes and Transwarp Apertures (but not the Sphere).
  • During this mission, the Ablative Generator (Cost 10)card can receive 12 cards' worth of damage instead of the usual 5.
  • While the Ablative Generator Token is beside your ship, it is immune to the effects of the Borg Tractor Beam.

Borg Vessels:

  • "Borg Vessels" includes the BCT, BST, and Apertures.
  • The Borg always have Initiative.
  • Borg Vessels do not move, but they each take an Action at the beginning of the Activation Phase (see below).
  • The Voyager cannot move through a Borg Vessel; if it moves onto or through a Borg Vessel it is destroyed and you lose the scenario immediately.
  • If you score a Critical hitagainst a Borg Vessel, ignore the Critical effects and place 2 damage cards under the token instead.

Borg Cubes

  • The Borg Cubes have the following stats:
    • Primary Weapon: 10
    • Agility: 0
    • Shields: 10 (ignored by Transphasics)
    • Hull: 10
    • Firing Arc: 360*
  • Action: Tractor Beam. At the start of each Activation Phase, the Borg Cube will Tractor any ship at Range 1-2. The ship loses all Cloak Tokens and Shields. If it does not have an Ablative Generator Token beside it, the mission immediately ends in failure.
  • If two of the Borg Cubes are destroyed, the third will withdraw immediately. Remove the remaining BCT from the play area.

Borg Sphere

  • The Borg Sphere has the following stats:
    • Primary Weapon: 8
    • Agility: 1
    • Shields: 6 (effective against Transphasic Torpedoes)
    • Hull: 6
    • Firing Arc: 360*
  • Action: Tractor Beam. As above, but even if the ship has an Ablative Generator Token active, it must still choose a "1" maneuver in the next Planning Phase and rolls 1 less die every time it Attacks or Defends in combat.

Transwarp Apertures

  • The Apertures have the following stats:
    • Hull: 6
    • Shields: 6 (ignored by Transphasics)
  • If a Transwarp Aperture is destroyed, it can no longer be traveled through.

The Transwarp Conduit The Conduit is the area between the two Transwarp Aperture Tokens.

  • If the Voyager enters or leaves the Conduit area without crossing through one of the Transwarp Apertures, it is instantly destroyed, and the mission is a failure.
  • No ship outside the Conduit area may fire on a ship inside, and vice versa.
  • Once an Aperture has been destroyed, Voyager may not pass through it. Voyager can, however, destroy the first Aperture from outside the Conduit, then escape back to the Delta Quadrant from the S edge. If it destroys the second Conduit, Voyager cannot escape the Delta Quadrant, but can still return to normal space and the Delta Quadrant.