This scenario was released with the IKS Kronos One.


Klingon:  Beam Gorkon down to the Planet.  If Gorkon's ship is destroyed the round he beams down, you lose.

Enemy:  Destroy Gorkon's ship

Player Set UpEdit

Two Player Scenario, non-standard two player starting positions.

Recommended: Klingon/Enemy

Each player recieves 120 Squad Points.  Klingon fleet must be exactly three ships, including one K'tinga class, and Gorkon must be Captain of one them.

Klingon Player begins in a 12' x 4" area in the center of the South edge of the map.

Enemy Player begins in two 12" x 4" areas in the center of the East and West edges of the map.


1 Planet Token

3 Mission Tokens

Map Set UpEdit

The Planet Token begins in the center of the North edge, 4" from the edge of the map.  It follows the standard Planet Obstacle rules.

Special RulesEdit

The Klingon player places his Captain cards face down, and each Klingon ship is considered to have a Skill of 3, while its Captain is face down, and may not use that Captain's special abilities.  At any time, the Klingon may flip a Captain face up and use it as normal.  If a Klingon ship is destroyed, the Klingon player must reveal the Captain of that ship.

Any Klingon ship within Range 1 of the Planet Token gains the following:

ACTION: If your ship is not Cloaked, disable all Shields and place a Mission Token on your Captain Card.  This card is considered to have beamed down to the planet.

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