This Resource Card was part of the Fleet Captains Participation Prize Set for the "The Collective" Organized Play episode "The Battle of Wolf 359". The reverse of this card is Fleet Captain (Cost 5) (Independent-F).

The Resource is set to expire for Organized Play in January of 2016.


Name: Fleet Captain
Fleet Captain - Independent-FED
  • Cost: 5
  • Bonuses:
    • Captain Skill +2
    • +1 Tech Slot
    • +1 Weapon Upgrade Slot
  • Special Rules:
    • After you move, you may target 1 friendly Federation ship within Range 1-2 (or your own ship). The target ship immediately removes 1 Disabled Upgrade Token from 1 of its Disabled Upgrades as a a Free Action.


This Resource may only be purchased for a Unique Federation Captain, and the Captain must be assigned to a Federation Ship.

For purchasing and deployment rules, see the Fleet Captains Additional Rules Page

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