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The Mirror Universe faction is a collection of ships from various Alternate Universe Factions from Star Trek including, the Terran Empire, the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, the Terran Rebellion, the Kelvin Timeline and the Federation from an Alternate Future. This Faction includes many Upgrades with the same names as other Factions Upgrades to differentiate between them the Mirror Universe factions include a different Unique Icon.


Retail Release Ships

Wave 9 - November 2014

Wave 10 - December 2014

Wave 13 - April 2015

Wave 14 - May 2015

Wave 16 - July 2015

Mirror Universe Faction Pack: Kelvin Timeline - April 2018

  • Constitution Class
  • Constitution Class
  • K'Tinga Class
  • K'Tinga Class

Organized Play Series Releases

The Collective OP Series

  • USS Enterprise-D

Resistance is Futile Blind Boosters

Q Continuum OP Series

2015-16 Reinforcements

In A Mirror, Darkly

Generic Ships


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Elite Talents

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