*Queen Vessel Prime (42)
Class Borg Octahedron
Faction Borg
Included in Queen Vessel Prime Expansion / Wave 8/ Queen Vessel Prime Card Pack Expansion/ Card Pack Wave 2
Forward Arc: 360°
Firepower Weapon Value 6
Agility Agility Value 0
Hull Hull Value 8
Shields Shield Value 7
Special Rules
During the Roll Attack Dice step of the Combat Phase, your ship, or 1 friendly ship within Range 1-2 of your ship, may spend a Scan Token from beside this ship to gain +1 attack die.

Target LockScanRegeneration
Upgrade Slots
Tech Upgrade 1 Tech
Weapon 1 Weapons
Crew 2 Crew
16px 2 Borg Upgrades

Queen Vessel Prime (Borg Octahedron)

Pack Contents - Wave 8 Release

Pack Contents - Card Pack Release

Special Rules

  • End Phase: Add 1 Drone Token to the Captain equipped to this ship.

Captain Upgrade

Elite Talent

Crew Upgrade

Tech Upgrade

Borg Upgrade

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