*Scout 608 (24)
Class Scout Cube
Faction Borg
Included in Scout 608 Expansion / Wave 7
Forward Arc: 360°
Firepower Weapon Value 3
Agility Agility Value 3
Hull Hull Value 2
Shields Shield Value 4
Special Rules
After you move, you may discard one of your Upgrades to perform an additional Green or White Maneuver.
You cannot deploy a [borg] upgrade with a cost greater than 5 to this ship.
Target LockEvasive ManeuversScanRegeneration
Upgrade Slots
Tech Upgrade 1 Tech
Weapon 1 Weapons
Crew 1 Crew
16px 1 Borg Upgrades

Scout Cube 608 (Borg Scout Cube)

Pack Content

Captain Upgrade

Crew Upgrade

Tech Upgrade

Secondary Weapon

Borg Upgrade

Scenario Mission

Additional Rules

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