The Federation, Klingons, and Romulans are trying to complete a computer program that is contained within secret genetic codes scattered throughout the galaxy.  Each Faction races against the others in order to secure the code's knowledge and power, which is no less than the mystery itself.

This is one of two scenarios released with the Starter Set.


Be the first ship to place two Mission Tokens on its Ship Card and then beam an Away Team to the Planet.  If your ship is destroyed on the same round you beam down, you lose.

Player Set UpEdit

Three Player Scenario, non-standard three player starting positions.

Recommended: Federation/Klingon/Romulan

Each player recieves 40 Squad Points, and must include one CREW Upgrade.

Each player has a 4" x 4" starting area.  Federation and Klingon players begin in the center of the East and South edges, Romulan's begin in the Southeast Corner.  The Romulan Player begins with one Mission Token.


1 Planet Token

2 Objective Tokens

12 Mission Tokens (7 begin in play, remainder form the Reserve Pile)

Map Set UpEdit

Place one Objective in the Southwest and Northeast corners exactly 8" from each edge.  Place three Mission Tokens on each Objective.

Place the Planet Token in the Northwest corner, 4" from each edge.

Special RulesEdit

The Objectives represent abstract points, and are not Obstacles.

Each ship within Range 1 of an Objective Token gains the following action:

ACTION:  If you are not Cloaked, disable all Shields and roll 1 Attack Die + 1 Attack Die for each Mission Token beside your ship.  If you roll at least one HIT, take a Mission Token from the Objective and place it on your Ship Card.  If you fail, take one Mission Token from the Reserve Pile, and place it beside your ship.  You may not obtain more than one Mission Token from the same Objective Token.

Each ship within Range 1 of the Planet Token gains the following action:

ACTION:  If you are not Cloaked, disable all Shields and disable you Captain and one CREW Upgrade.  These are considered to be your Away Team on the planet.

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