*U.S.S. Enterprise-D (28)
Class Galaxy Class
Faction Federation
Included in Starter Set
Release Date August 2013

Forward Arc: 90° Rear Arc: 90°
Firepower Weapon Value 4
Agility Agility Value 1
Hull Hull Value 5
Shields Shield Value 4
Special Rules
Instead of making a normal attack with your primary weapon, you may fire in any direction at Range 1-2 with 3 attack dice.

Battle StationsTarget LockEvasive ManeuversScan
Upgrade Slots
Weapon 2 Weapons
Crew 3 Crew

The USS Enterprise-D was the Federation Flagship from 2364-2371 following the Destruction of the USS Enterprise-C until its own destruction at Viridian III. It was later replaced by the USS Enterprise-E as the flagship of the Federation. Captain Jean-Luc Picard was the ships commander.

Pack Contents

Captain Upgrade

Elite Upgrade

Crew Upgrade

Secondary Weapons


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